Thank you to all my clients for their generous comments.
  1. Bear
    "Thank you for all you do for me. When I first met you I was a bit nervous, but you instantly calmed me and gave me back trust for human hands. I am a big old guy and your acupressure therapy has helped me move and feel much better. Although my humans feed me a really good diet you have helped them with what to add for digestive comfort. Thank you also for teaching my mom how to work the pressure points. I love my sessions!" --as translated by his guardian Michele
  2. Chaos
    "Thank you so much, you've made a world of difference in the health of Chloe and Chaos." --Cari
  3. Eddie
    "We first met Margarat a couple of years ago because Eddie had ongoing digestive problems since we was adopted in 2005. Margarat guided us to a raw diet, which Mike and I were so positive Eddie wouldn't eat that Mike bet Margarat $20. Mike was pleased to pay his bet because Eddie got well. Fast-forward to 2010: Eddie had to have a couple 'procedures' and he started licking his front legs incessantly at the site of the IVs. I contacted Margarat and she listened to our tale of woe. She also talked to Eddie (who couldn't get enough of Margarat, I could tell he was telling her all his secrets). Margarat showed us an acupressure point for Eddie, and made a custome flower essence for him. We modified Eddie's diet, did the acupressure, and gave Eddie the flower essences (I caught Mike rolling his eyes, but he admits it worked). Eddie is not licking his arms despite having to do two more procedures recently requiring anesthesia and forearm shaving." --Jean
  4. Emma
    "Can I ask you to make up a refill of the surgery remedy? That remedy has been working wonders! I remember in the first week or so after the surgery, either before we started the remedy or just afterwards, there were several instances when Emma got pretty restless and agitated, but since she's been taking the remedy regularly she's been so calm and patient, with no more restless episodes." --Akiko
  5. Gidget
    "When I adopted Gidget at 6 months of age it was apparent she'd been abused. She behaved on of two ways: extremely shy and nervous, or fiercely aggressive. I wanted to believe that the flower remedies you offered would help but it just sounded like airy-fairy SoCal voodoo. Yet I was desperate. With nothing to lose I tried the customized formula you made for her as well as the herbal calming formula you recommended. Three weeks into her treatment I noticed that she hadn't had a skirmish at our off-leash park for days, and had started to enjoy playing, even with the big dogs that previously brought out her worst behavior. Thank you for giving us a better quality of life." --Colleen
  6. Griselda
    "Griselda always feels better after one of Margarat's therapy sessions for her arthritis - thanks for helping our little girl out!" --Clint and Karen
  7. Hogan
    "Hogan is our pride and joy and has been for 13 years. We truly believe God has blessed us with him and his long life because we have had the great opportunity to meet people like you. Hogan has always responded to alternative medicine very well. We can honestly say that we have seen a change in his energy and demeanor since starting work with you. He loves the 'healing crystal heating mat' as we call it. We appreciate all of the knowledge you have given us and in turn given to our son." --Marni & Michael
  8. AJ and Koshi
    AJ and Koshi
    Margarat, as you know, AJ has many issues having spent most of his life in a shelter. We are happy to say that your flower essence and acupressure work has not only helped AJ, but it has helped his big sister Koshi, a Katrina survivor! I'm particularly impressed with the intellectual thinking that goes into your flower 'prescriptions.' As an academic I appreciate the vast body of knowledge and thorough research that goes into each customized bottle." --Bonnie
  9. Lily
    "Dear Margarat, My heartfelt thanks for your invaluable help in training Lily and me. Thanks to you we now have a great and fun relationship." --Linda
  10. Max
    "What you said about Max was so great. Many thanks for feeling that way about him. He is special and so are you for what you have done with him. Many thanks." --Jane, Max, Gizmo, & Jake.
  11. Montana
    "My golden retriever Montana was diagnosed with lung and spleen masses in October of 2010 and suspicious spots in her liver in the spring of 2011. She was 11-and-a-half years old an dI did not want to take her to a traditional veterinary oncologist. Margarat was part of our alternative treatment program. She helped Montana via acupressure, flower essences, and Reiki. She also gave us dietary and herbal advice. I have found Margarat to be and invaluable resource. She has extensive knowledge of animal health systems, Chinese medicine principles, and herbs. It is now March of 2012, Montana will be 13 in May and is doing wonderfully. Margarat has been a large part of her success and our whole family is forever grateful." --Cathy
  12. Rusty
    "You've been exactly what we needed. Someone to be as good with us as with our dog. " --Jan
  13. Sugar
    "Sugar really does live up to her name - she's as sweet as she can be - except that she had no self-control when meeting people and other dogs. I hired Margarat to teach me how to teach Sugar, and it as worked like a charm. She's more well-behaved at home, actually lets people in the house, and doesn't turn herself into a contortionist when we meet other dogs on our walks. Thanks Margarat." --Jean
  14. Sweetie
    The Art of Dog changed our dog's life. We adopted a middle-aged toy poodle with numerous health issues. As a result, he suffered from some behavioral problems too. Margarat initially helped us work through some of those using flower remedies and training techniques, then later used acupressure to relieve some physical infirmities. Our groomer summed it up best by saying that the dog was 'decrepit' when we first brought him to her, and now he appears happy, healthy, and is feeling great!" --Toby
  15. Switters & Suzy
    Switters & Suzy
    "The Art of Dog is an invaluable resource for all dog owners. Margarat possesses a wide range of knowledge and the ability to share that knowledge with her clients. I share my life with two Entlebuchers, a five year old male named Switters and a two year old female named Suzy. I first called on Margarat to help me with training issues with Suzy. Margarat zeroed in on the problem right away and made some excellent suggestions. Following her advice brought about major improvements in Suzy's behavior. Our next issue was food. Suzy had been diagnosed with EUS (Entelbucher Urinary Syndrome), a condition in which her ureter is incorrectly positioned at the bladder. She also had struvite crystals in her urine. Our vet wanted to put her on a prescription diet. I chose not to go that route and called Margarat for help. While we were working on Suzy's food issues I learned that Switters also had EUS and required surgery to re-implant a blocked ureter. I was frantic but Margarat was there for us. She showed me how to give my dogs a calming massage (which also calmed me) and an acupressure point for their kidneys. Switters has recovered from his surgery and Margarat has both dogs on a good healthy diet along with some herbs, probiotics, and enzymes. I am so grateful to have had her guidance and moral support. We are lucky to have Margarat here to help us." --Carol