2017  Summer
I'm in New Hampshire for July & August so please note these scheduling deadlines for San Diego.

No Deadline for distance consultation. I'm always available for appointments via phone, Skype, FaceTime, or email. Using email  to arrange a time works best.

June 1 - Deadline for 1st time clients. This is to ensure that there is adequate time for appropriate follow-up.

June 15 - Deadline for herb or essence refills, and for revisits with current clients. Sometimes a summer break is a good thing with herbs, but if your pup needs to stay on them get in touch. This deadline also allows time for flower essence formulation and any other research or follow-up..

Layering in modalities creates a synergistic effect.

  1. Acupressure
    This time-tested method of balancing the body is gentle yet effective for a wide range of issues.
  2. Essences
    Creating these gentle energetic custom formulas is the core of my work with dogs, for both physical and emotional issues.
  3. Herbs
    Plant medicine as food. Custom formulations for balancing the body and helping with critical care.
  4. Food
    Natural nutrition is the foundation of good health. I can help you navigate a wholesome diet for your dog's specific needs.
  5. Sound
    To help relax and balance the body, I choose from options such as tuning forks, bowls, and the human voice to customize for your dog's needs.
  6. Energy
    Reiki, a Japanese method of gentle energy balancing is inherent in all energetic bodywork. The use of crystals provides the most natural earth energy for balancing all animals.
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This is not veterinary care.

The support I provide does not replace your veterinarian.

 I am not a veterinarian; I do not diagnose medical issues, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs or perform surgery. I am an acupressure provider, reiki practitioner, and herbalist.  
Recommendations will never supersede the advice and medical care provided by your veterinarian.

The holistic modalities I offer are not a substitute for veterinary medical care, but rather a cooperative and complementary form of support.

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